Duotank’s 2020 virtual exhibition

Welcome to our virtual 2020 exhibition. Take a look around our stand and discover the new developments of Duotank. Navigate through the different area’s and just click on the topics you are interested in:

Tankbeer, a multipurpose solution for any brewery

See different set-ups on our stand how tankbeer can benefit you:

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Reduce your carbon footprint using tankbeer

Tankbeer is the most carbon friendly packaging method available on the market for on-trade beer delivery. Find out how much CO₂ emission you can save switching over to tankbeer. Savings up to 90% are possible. See possible combinations for reducing CO₂ at different ways.

What can tankbeer mean for your CO2 reduction. Calculate it here with our calculator.

Remote volume monitoring

Have a look at our tankbeer automation corner, where you can experience our Duotank System Online for tank-volume and temperature monitoring. And also have a look at the possibilities of:

Mobile MMU Certified flowmeter

See how you can use the new MMU MID-certified flowmeter to register you beer volumes in;

Zero emission lightweight urban tankbeer transport solution

Take a preview at our newest lightweight tankbeer transport solution for urban area’s. This revolutionary new transport concept enables you to transport up to 30% more beer into weight limited area’s.

Transport 30HL in a 7,5 Ton truck and use the same truck to deliver 60HL in a 12 Tons area. Available as a diesel that has 30% less CO₂ emission, as hybrid or full electric with zero emission. The whole concept also includes a city hub solution which can be deployed in any city.

Event solutions

From a small local event to large beer volume events, Duotank is excited to take up the challenge to complete these assignments. See below what we could do for your challenge at different sizes of events;

Bar solutions in a Stadium

Stadiums have to deal with large crowds in short periods. Traditional systems have issues with providing a constant beer flow. This leads to a decreased turnover on your beer sales. Stadiums also greatly benefit from the Duotank system, the system can easily handle large volumes of beer.

Latest trends & technologies about reducing CO2 on inner-city on-trade beer delivery!

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