Duotank’s 2021 virtual exhibition

From the 15th till the 20th of November, Duotank organized the Tank beer open 2021. Because of the COVID-19 virus not everyone had the possibility to come over to our event. That’s why we would like to welcome you to our virtual 2021 exhibition. Take a look around at our factory and discover the new developments of Duotank. Navigate through the different area’s and just click on the topics you are interested in:

Tank beer, a multipurpose solution for any brewery

See different set-ups on our Tank beer open how tank beer can benefit you, we even highlighted every single product with an explanation of the operation and benefits of the product itself:

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Duotank Tank beer open 2021
Micro delivery in combination with MMU Delivery at an event Bar solutions - Tank beer tanks Lightweight electric beer truck - LGT Compact Delivery Unit - CDU 20.000 liter Tank beer trailer Small Delivery Unit - SDU Presentation area Local beer event

Micro delivery in combination with MMU

Delivery at an event

Bar solutions - Tank beer tanks

Lightweight electric beer truck - LGT

Compact Delivery Unit - CDU

20.000 liter Tank beer trailer

Small Delivery Unit - SDU

Presentation area

Feel free to take a look at our presentations:

  • The way to planet proof
  • Microbreweries
  • Events & stadiums


Local beer event

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Tank beer open 2021

We have divided the Tank beer open into 3 different area’s;

  • Bar solutions

  • Innovation and transport area

  • Presentation and inspiration area

This allows us to offer you the opportunity to propose a solution at any desired tank beer level. As a result of the physical fair on 15 to 20 November, we thought it was important that we could provide everyone who is interested in tank beer, with the correct information. We have now set up a virtual tour through our fair in which every product or product arrangement is highlighted by means of a video.

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Our Duotank Experts have extensive experience in evaluating different draught beer solutions. Based on your specific situation, they can determine if the bag-in-tank principle can be of sufficient value to your company or if it’s better to choose a different solution.

Bar solutions

Bar solutions

The Duotank system is based on a unique concept where the beer is stored in airtight bags in pressurised tanks, known as the Bag-In-Tank principle. This system was originally developed for the distribution of pilsner beer produced by the major Dutch brands, and which is stored in chilled cellars under pubs and bars. Over the course of the years, however, Duotank has been developing the concept, and it can now be used in a wide variety of applications.

We’ve divided it into;

Mobile MMU Certified flowmeter

See how you can use the new MMU MID-certified flowmeter to register you beer volumes in;

Duotank System Online (DSO)

The Duotank DSO unit is designed as a plug and play extremely easy to install and maintain beer level measuring device. The data is received on a central server. The DSO does not need external power, WIFI or wiring.

Innovation and transport area

Transport solutions

Duotank offers transport solutions for any situation, from 5HL up to 120 HL. We offer stand alone systems that can be placed inside a truck or even a van and completely dedicated trucks. We also offer solutions so that you can combine transport during the week and have an event solution for the weekend.

Most of the solutions are modular, so that the transport solution can grow together with your tank beer operation. Our specialists can help and advise you in the best solution for your specific situation.

In this area we presented our latest developments;

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Small Delivery Unit (SDU)

The SDU is developed for brewery’s that want to deliver tankbeer in a delivery van or small truck, but still want to have the ease of delivery as they have with a big delivery truck. In this way it is possible to deliver beer even in the smallest streets. The SDU is designed in such a way that a transport tank can be placed on top of the unit to save space in the truck. It is even possible to fit a 500 liter tank directly on the SDU so that it fits in a small van. The SDU is equipped with a 40 meter beer hose, aircompressor and certifiable flowmeter. This makes it possible to measure exactly how much beer is delivered. It is also possible to print a ticket.

Compact Delivery Unit (CDU)

The CDU is the perfect logistical/delivery solution for breweries who pursue flexibility. The Compact Delivery Unit is a full-fledged delivery unit for breweries that want to deliver  tank beer to a bar. This unit has the same functionality as a delivery unit that is permanently installed in a tank truck, but it is constructed in such a way that it can be placed separately on a truck, combined with transport tanks. The CDU is equipped with a MID certified flowmeter, pump, compressor and has a very easy to use control system. It is possible to register customer data and create a digital or printed delivery ticket. The CDU is certified according the EEA /EU legislation Measurement Instruments Directives  MID).

By combining the CDU with transport tanks, the perfect delivery flexibility becomes reality. The CDU also allows breweries to benefit from the advantages of transporting beer in  tanks, without having to do large investments in dedicated delivery trucks. A CDU with transport tanks is a modular solutions that is able to adapt to the growth of the brewery.

Lightweight electric 3 HL delivery truck (LGT)

This truck is completely emission-free and it can deliver 50% more beer per truck to the city centre compared to a conventional diesel truck.

More and more cities in Europe are restricting urban transport in inner cities. Weight, height and emission restrictions are the order of the day. With its latest development, Duotank has found a total solution for this.

Duotank is a producer of tank-beer systems. It not only supplies tanks of 250 to 1000 litres in the hospitality industry, but also provides the transport solutions to get the beer from the brewery to the hospitality establishments.

200 HL Tank beer trailer

Lightweight & very compact bulk tankbeer delivery trailer. Used for bulk tank beer delivery to stadiums, events and supply of cityhubs. This trailer has a length of only 7 meters and a total combination length of only 10 meters. The delivery compartment at the back of the trailer can be used to supply tankbeer directly to a stadium or bar, or to fill smaller trucks at the outskirts of the city centre

What can tankbeer mean for your CO2 reduction. Calculate it here with our calculator.

Presentation and Inspiration area

Duotank presentations

Feel free to take a look at our presentations:

Event solutions

From a small local event to large beer volume events, Duotank is excited to take up the challenge to complete these assignments. See below what we could do for your challenge at different sizes of events;

Bar solutions in a Stadium

Stadiums have to deal with large crowds in short periods. Traditional systems have issues with providing a constant beer flow. This leads to a decreased turnover on your beer sales. Stadiums also greatly benefit from the Duotank system, the system can easily handle large volumes of beer.

Latest trends & technologies about reducing CO2 on inner-city on-trade beer delivery!

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