Les Brassés is a hybrid establishment focused on both beer and gastronomy.

In 2016, we opened a brewery-restaurant in the heart of Nantes (France). When we started the venue, it was a completely new place, so we were able to arrange the interior just how we wanted. Take a look at our website:

Searching for the best possible solution

When the storage area of the first brewing room became too small, we started searching for a solution and got in touch with Duotank. With their bag-in-tank solution, we were able to solve this main problem. As a brewpub producer, it seemed silly to put the beer in kegs to serve directly at our own bar. So, for us, using beer tanks was a technical choice at first. These tanks then also became a decorative element, which has strengthened our convictions.

We therefore decided to install the 5 bright yellow Duotanks of 5 HL above the bar. They are suspended from a beam and very visible for our customers. As we have chosen an industrial and raw-looking interior design, the beer tanks have helped create the atmosphere that we were looking for.

A big advantage was that the staff has been working with Duotanks from the start. This was the best solution for storing the beer and it made serving much easier. However, when the tanks are empty it generates some problems because the staff is no longer used to handling normal kegs…

For the brewer, it is also an easy and time-saving option. Filling is very simple and there is no need to sterilize the tank before filling.

Experience with tank beer and Duotank

Would you recommend the Duotank product and services?

We are really satisfied with our Duotank installation, both for the bar service and the storage at our new installation. We have increased our production flexibility and beer quality. Many batches are no longer filtered, as the beer clears up very well in the tank.

For other brewpub owners or start-ups, we can advise that the bag-in-tank solution seems essential. In our experience, the Duotank has proven to be very reliable, durable and easy to use. It is also a great solution for storing and keeping beer. Duotanks are high-quality products and the commercial and technical team is very friendly.

Gabriel – Les Brassés Artisan brasseur, Nantes (France)

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Duotank develops, produces and installs beer tank systems. Since 1985, Duotank has been designing, developing and manufacturing systems that lead to optimal results for beer breweries from all over the world

The start of expansion

In addition to the installation, we equipped a truck with two additional 5 HL tanks. This allows us to respond to requests for events, such as small festivals. In 2020, we opened a new larger production unit equipped with a Kaspar Schulz brewhouse 20 HL, 6 fermenters of 40 HL, 9 Duotanks of 10 HL and a bottling line. This new installation allows us to increase our annual production from 600 hectolitres to 2000 hectolitres.

Our brewpub and it’s benefits

For the brewpub, the choice turned out to be beneficial, as I previously explained. We have also noticed that the beer in the tanks clarified very quickly and kept very well. For our second brewing room, which is larger and more industrialized, we chose 10 HL Duotanks for keeping beer and divided our 40 HL batches into 10 HL batches. From a production point of view, the Duotanks allow us to increase the flexibility in our organization.

For example, we can free up a fermentation tank for a new upcoming brew and leave the beer which is in a fermenting process. We have established a rotation between the fermenters and the Duotanks. We then fill directly from the Duotanks according to demand. Now we can maintain the high quality of our beer for longer periods of time. Thus, it allows us to store the beer easily during periods of reduced activity.

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