After a discontinuation of production of MID certified flowmeters by our regular supplier GEA Diessel, Duotank has developed a new solution! The new DFM flow meter with specific Duotank firmware that meets all certification requirements, ready to use!

Transactions of measurements are recorded according to the MID law (EU) section MI005 ‘liquids other than water.

Flow meters can be used, among other things, for beer delivery trucks that transport beer to the final destination. But also, on event tanks, to measure how much beer is tapped from which tap. This way, you can see real time how much beer flows where and if you need to refill tanks or even shift the workforce to a specific bar at an event.

The advantages of the DFM flow meter:

  • Easy to use Touch screen
  • Possibilities with connection in the cloud (DSO platform)
  • Better accuracy (Mi005)
  • Different access levels by codes or passes
  • Certified Storage memory
  • 100% Waterproof
  • A printer that can connect to the flowmeter

If you want to know more about the DFM flow meter, don’t hesitate to contact our sales colleagues.