Duotank inliner recycling program

The European Union has approved a plastic tax on nonrecycled plastic waste, which will be implemented from 1 January, 2021. The plan includes a 0.8 euros per kilogram levy on nonrecycled plastic packaging waste to be paid by member states into the EU budget. How this tax will be implemented will be different from country to country, but it is very likely that it will be charged as an additional tax during waste handling. As part of the Duotank sustainability program we have developed a recycling channel for inliners. This helps breweries become more sustainable and at the same time avoid extra taxes.

Currently inliners are collected as part of common plastic waste. This waste is not recycled, as many believe, but incinerated because the different types of plastic in this waste cannot be separated.

To be able to recycle plastic you need to know exactly what composition the plastic has and what kind of contamination. Duotank has solved this issue by forming an alliance with a group of recycling companies and setting up an affordable collection system.

How does it work:

The inliners are collected at the brewery. A press forms the plastic waste into blocks of inliners with an economic size and weight. These blocks can then be collected regionally, which makes transport affordable. Based upon purchase volumes of different inliner types Duotank determines the plastic & residual waste composition and forwards this to the recycler.

Based upon this composition the recycling company combines different batches of inliners (also from other industries) and forwards these to a number of selected recycling factories in Europe. Knowing the exact composition of the supplied plastics the recycling factory can then turn the waste into usable plastic granulate, the base material to produce new plastic products.

The recycling company will issue a certificate stating that the batch of delivered inliners is converted into reusable plastic granulates

In this way Duotank and its partners have made it possible to recycle inliners completely and affordably, enabling breweries to avoid the extra plastic tax.

As a brewery you can even go one step further and specify to the manufacturers of your crates or other plastic products to use a certain percentage of this material making the chain circular and almost cradle to cradle!

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