About Duotank

Duotank develops, produces and installs beer tank systems. Since 1985, Duotank has been designing, developing and manufacturing systems that lead to optimal results for beer breweries all over the world. Duotank Beverage Solutions focuses on quality, craftsmanship and cooperation. Duotank understands each customer has its own preferences and unique problem definitions and therefore Duotank also strives to offer case-specific solutions.

A system consists of tanks, taps and, if needed, a transportation system. The system is a true end-to-end solution. To create the perfect solution, a team of specialists with years of experience can supply a suitable system for every specific situation. The Duotank system will lead to optimal results for breweries and the hospitality business all over the world. By using the Duotank system, the quality of the beer is guaranteed from the brewery until the glass.

This allows the consumer to enjoy beer as beer should be: fresh, cool and full of flavour. Duotank has built up a team of specialists which takes care of the whole process – from the engineering till the final installation of the tanks. We always put quality first and we have obtained the necessary certifications.

You can always contact us if you would like more information or advice!