Tank beer: the bag-in-tank principle explained

Over the years, increasingly more pubs and breweries have adopted the newly developed bag-in-tank beer system. But what is the bag-in-tank beer principle? On this page, you’ll learn all you need to know about the tank beer principle.

Duotank Tankbeer Solutions

Tankbeer Solutions

Bar solutions

The primary application of the Bag-In-Tank system is for the storage, transport and distribution of beer. This might be transport from the brewery to the bottling plant, or even directly to the bar or pub, where beer can be drawn directly from the tank.

Transport solutions

The primary application of the Bag-In-Tank system is for the storage, transport and distribution of beer. This can be from the brewery to the bar or pub, but might also be from the brewery to a bottling plant.

Event solutions

No one better than Duotank Beverage Solutions understands the importance of the quality of beer provision during events. Whether it concerns a concert, festival or sporting event, the provision of (soft) drinks is important for the visitors.

Carbon footprint

Over the years, the importance of environmentally friendly products has grown significantly. It increasingly determines the way consumers buy and companies produce their products.

Quality Benefits

With tank beer the beer quality can be preserved better. The system works with disposable airtight plastic bags inside the tank. Compressed air presses the beer out of the bag to the tap. Since no CO2 is added, shelf life increases: up to 12 weeks.

Logistic Benefits

Since kegs are no longer required distribution is less labour intensive and more workmen friendly.
Also, no return transport and cleaning of empty kegs is necessary, saving the environment.

Marketing Benefits

Besides the quality advantages, beer tanks also are a great visual addition to any pub or bar. Several breweries around the world use tank beer as part of very successful marketing campaigns increasing sale of draft beer.

Financial benefits

Financially, the system offers large benefits. Savings up to 70 % with a R.O.I. of less than 5 years are achieved. A calculation model makes it possible to calculate exact savings for each specific situation based on 60 variables.

Duotank develops, produces and installs beer tank systems. Since 1985, Duotank has been designing, developing and manufacturing systems that lead to optimal results for beer breweries from all over the world

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