Duotank Australia: 15 Years of Unpasteurized Tankbeer Excellence

For over fifteen years, reshaping the way beer enthusiasts experience their beverage. This transformation is primarily credited to the pioneering efforts of Nick Philp and Edward Elliott of Duotank Australia, in collaboration with Carlton Draught.

Together, they have masterminded the creation of exceptional tank beer experiences nationwide, setting a new benchmark for freshness and quality.

This dedication to quality is not an easy feat. It encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the brewing process, an unwavering commitment to maintaining the beer’s purity, and the logistical prowess to transport it without compromising its taste or freshness.
The tankbeer system effectively addresses one of the industry’s most significant challenges: keeping beer fresh. Various factors, including temperature, light, and oxygen, can adversely affect beer’s taste.

As we celebrate fifteen years of Duotank Australia’s contributions to the Australian beer scene, it’s clear that their efforts have not only enhanced the beer-drinking experience but also set a new standard for quality and freshness in the industry. The success of the tankbeer system is a testament to the vision and hard work of Nick Philp, Edward Elliott, and the entire team at Carlton Draught.

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