Brewery Remise 56 is the result of pure passion. It was the lifetime dream project of the owner and brewmaster Patrick Haselaars. Ever since he was a young boy, he was obsessed with the process of brewing and this obsession never stopped. But Patrick is not an unknown person in the brewing sector. He built up his knowledge for over 25 years at breweries like Ab-Inbev, La Chouffer and Moortgat.

His dream became a reality when he saw the oppurtunity to buy the old bus/train depot in Koersel – Belgium. This is where the project of starting a brewery, brewpub/restaurant started!

Patrick and his crew begin by brewing their beer in their old copper brew kettles. After the first step, the process will proceed in their four big yeast tanks, where Patrick and his crew will kepp an eye on the ingredients, the taste and the quality itself.

Most of the beer that is produced will be used in their own grand café. Here the brewery-fresh beer will be served directly from their four Duotanks. You can admire the serving tanks and the copper kettles while sitting, eating and drinking in the grand café of Remise 56.

What an amazing view!

Duotank develops, produces and installs beer tank systems. Since 1985, Duotank has been designing, developing and manufacturing systems that lead to optimal results for beer breweries from all over the world

How did Remise 56 found Duotank?

Remise 56, Koersel – Belgium,

We asked Patrick why he chose to use Duotanks and he told us it was the ease of use, so they are not handling those heavy kegs all day every day. It also saves an enormous amount of spaceand he really appreciates the bag-in-tank system. Moreover, because the beer tanks are insulated and cooled, the beer stays fresh longer.

Remise 56 is brewing their beer on the spot. Instead of investing lots of money in 20 and 50 litre kegs for storing the beer, we chose to install Duotank serving tanks. Because we did not have to invest in kegs, the investment for the serving tanks was already partially compensated. Besides, the Duotanks are obviously an amazing eye-catcher! We have them installed above the bar. It’s impossible not to see them.

Experience with tank beer and Duotank

We asked Patrick why he chose to do business with Duotank. He told us: “We liked the flexible attitude and they worked with me as a customer to realize a system and solution that would fit all our needs.”

Obviously, we asked him if he was still happy with his choice and he answered: “Absolutely! The only thing I regret is that I didn’t install 6 serving tanks instead of 4… And I would say to all other entrepeneurs: check out if the use of Duotanks would be an advantage for your business and take all factors into account such as image, ease of use and quality!”

Come by, admire the view and taste our soft blond Remise Triple, our dark Remise Double or our amazing Remise Superlager!


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