Besides the deployment of the system by many major breweries the specific advantages of the Duotank concept have led to it being increasingly adopted by microbreweries and brewpubs. This popularity is partly due to the fact that the beer retains its flavor longer after being connected to the beer taps (many major breweries guarantee up to 12 weeks!), making it ideal for the specialty beers that often have somewhat lower turnover. This is because no extra CO2 needs to be added to the beer, and the beer is kept at a constant temperature and pressure; these factors significantly help preserve the quality of the beer and increase customers’ enjoyment of the flavor.

Draught beer systems, which one to choose?

Do you serve draught beer in your venue or do you want to start serving draught beer?
Then you get to choose between several systems which all differ in terms of packaging and equipment.
Learn which system best suits your situation by looking at a complete comparison in terms of packaging, transport, installation technique and costs.

Applications for bar solutions


Our system is used in many arena’s worldwide to provide large crowds high volume quality draught beer in a short period.


At Duotank we understand the importance of the quality of the beer supply, during events.

(Micro) Breweries

Your task is the delicate process of brewing beer. Our job is to ensure that the beer can be served in its purest form to your customers.


The beer tank system is originally developed to ease the distribution of beer from the brewery to the end-user. Nowadays it is more an eye-catcher at the bars.

Customized solutions

Duotank offers a large variety of products, laying the empathy on beer tanks. Due to years of experience Duotank is able to find a solution for every unique problem or interior.

What can tankbeer mean for your CO2 reduction. Calculate it here with our calculator.