Bar solutions in a Stadium

Stadiums have to deal with large crowds in short periods. Traditional systems have issues with providing a constant beer flow. This leads to a decreased turnover on your beer sales. Stadiums also greatly benefit from the Duotank system, the system can easily handle large volumes of beer. Our system can provide over 60.000 people with a chilled beer in a very short period of time.

Weโ€™ve already provided many stadiums with our tank beer system, with great success. Some examples of successful stadium solutions are;

  • Grolsch Veste – Enschede (24 x 10HL)
  • Johan Cruijf Arena – Amsterdam (56 x 10HL)
  • Veltins Arena – Gelsenkirchen (52 x 10 HL)
  • Cristal Arena – Genk (12 x 10 HL)
  • Philips Stadiumย  – Eindhoven (16 x 10HL)
  • Esprit Arena – Dรผsseldorf (32 x 10HL)
  • Ghelamco Arena – Gent (20 x 10HL)

The advantages of tank beer in your stadium

Time and manpower saved, no distribution and switching of kegs required

Direct distribution from the brewery to the stadium, more efficient distribution and no distribution center is needed

One way solution, no logistics of empty return goods. The empty bags are plastic waste and can be fully recycled.

Products for stadium solutions

Transport tank

Brewery fresh beer at any location at any time, is possible with the transport tanks from Duotank. Good isolation keeps the beer at a desired temperature.

Event tank

The event tank is a mobile tank with an integrated cooling system and air compressor. This way you have a fully equipped “plug and play” mobile solution that you can use at any bar in the stadium.

TDE Container

This 10 feet swap container makes it possible to have a big buffer of brewery fresh beer at any place you prefer. It could be unloaded on it’s own frame and connected to any bar.


In order to be able to provide a large amount of people with brewery fresh beer in a short period of time, a fixed buffer of beer must be available. We provide a constantly cooled beer system for the stadium.

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