In this whitepaper, you’ll learn

Why brewery-fresh

What makes beer “brewery-fresh” and what it takes to serve it outside of the brewery

Ideal packaging & transportation

How to optimize your storage and transportation for delivering premium quality beer to your customers

Optimum serving conditions

Which serving conditions provide drinkers with the best brewery-fresh drinking experience

Brewery Fresh Beer as it is meant to be!

More and more breweries advertise with “brewery-fresh beer”. But what does this actually mean? And what adjustments should you make to be able to serve brewery-fresh beer to your customers?

In this whitepaper, you’ll find out how to optimize your packaging and transportation in such a way that you can serve brewery-fresh beer in any pub. Provide your customers with an optimum drinking experience by serving brewery-fresh beer.

Truly brewery fresh beer is of course beer that is served directly from the lager tank in the brewery. With the taste of beer exactly as the brewmaster has intended it. But this will limit the possibility of serving brewery fresh beer.
To serve brewery fresh beer outside the brewery, you need to preserve the taste of brewery fresh beer. For this the storage, packaging, transport and dispense method needs to be chosen carefully.

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