In this whitepaper, you’ll learn

Greenhouse gas reduction

Which packaging ensures the least CO2 emissions in combination with transport solutions?

Lightweight transport solutions

What does it bring for you to switch to a light weight transport solution?

Optimization of your delivery

Nowadays everyone is working on the best possible way of transport, which way of optimization is relevant for you?

Latest trends & technologies about reducing CO2 on inner-city on-trade beer delivery!

A must-read for anyone in the industry who wants to stay up-to-date on the lastest technology & trends about reducing CO2 emissions in your brewery fresh beer process. Breweries are doing a lot to lower their greenhouse gas emissions. Projects to realize solar fields for green energy, water waste management and re-used energy from the brewing process are realized worldwide.

But besides brewing beer also the production of packaging’s consumes a lot of energy. There is already a lot of focus on ecological packaging. But there also are possibilities to lower the greenhouse gas emission significantly. Especially in the on-trade beer market.
And also transport is a major contributor to the greenhouse gas emission. It is the second biggest source of emission (25%). Of these 25%, 72% is caused by road transport.

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