The Duotank transport solutions

Here at Duotank, we have the ideal solution for serving your beer perfectly from the tap. Your area of expertise is the delicate process of brewing beer, and you do everything possible to ensure that your product is perfect. Our task is making sure that the beer tastes as if it has just come from the lagering cellar, irrespective of whether the beer tap is located right inside the brewery or far outside.

Duotank’s system is a complete solution that can be used for the lagering, storage, transport and distribution of your beer. Whether it concerns the transport from the brewery to the pub where your beer is served, and/or storage between the brewery and bottling plant, Duotank has the solution you need.

Duotank offers transport solutions for any situation, from 5HL up to 120 HL. We offer stand alone systems that can be placed inside a truck or even a van and completely dedicated trucks. We also offer solutions so that you can combine transport during the week and have an event solution for the weekend.

Most of the solutions are modular, so that the transport solution can grow together with your tank beer operation. Our specialists can help and advise you in the best solution for your specific situation.

Duotank develops, produces and installs beer tank systems. Since 1985, Duotank has been designing, developing and manufacturing systems that lead to optimal results for beer breweries from all over the world

Applications for transport solutions

Low volume tank beer transport

Duotank offers several low volume transport solutions. Most of these solutions are based upon standard event and/or transport tanks which you can use for transport and/or events and/or storage.

Regional transport

From lugging kegs to the easy transport of chilled beer at the local bars.

Nation wide transport

Delivering brewery fresh beer efficient to bars at a large distance of the brewery.

Long distance transport

Transporting large volumes of beer between countries or continents is made easier by the products of Duotank.

Inner-city delivery

A specific Inner-city delivery concept to deliver beer more efficient and with less CO2 emission in city centres with weight or size limitations and CO2 restrictions.

Delivering beer to a bar: How to reach the lowest Carbon footprint?

Does your current packaging method positively or negatively influences the carbon footprint of your beer? Learn if optimization is possible by looking at the complete chain of producing, filling, transporting and dispensing different types of packaging.

« Beertank systems are originally developed to ease the distribution of beer from the brewery to the end-user. But the last decades the system proved to have much more advantages »