Delivery nation wide /
Long distance transport

Also when you want to deliver brewery fresh tank beer far away from where it is brewed, Duotank has got a solution. Depending on the distance you need to travel and travel method Duotank can offer the ideal solution.

The unique Duotank Bag-In-Tank system is also ideal for long distance transport of beer. It makes it possible to preserve the beer for a long time, also when it is packed in bulk.

For transport by road you can use transport tanks which can are loaded into a refrigerated truck, or you can use the TDE container which fits on a standard BDF container exchange system.

For transport by train or boat Duotank has developed a reefer container. This container can be connected to the onboard electrics of the train / boat so that the temperature and pressure of the tanks is guaranteed during travel.

At the point of destination the bulk beer can easily be distributed to the bars and restaurants using the compact delivering unit.

Products for outside the region

Duotank TDE-container

This Transport, Delivery and Event container makes it possible to easily combine (long distance) delivery and events. You just place the container on a truck with a standard BDF system

Duotank CDU

With this delivery unit you can make certified beer deliveries to a bar or restaurant. With the same speed and functionality as with a large tank beer delivery truck. The system is equipped with a MID certified flowmeter and printer.

Reefer 20 ft. container

With this ISO 20ft reefer container you can ship 120HL of brewery fresh beer by train or overseas. The Bag-In-Tank system assures that the beer is kept in optimal condition.

Transport tank

Brewery fresh beer at any location at any time, is possible with the transport tanks

Delivering beer to a bar: How to reach the lowest Carbon footprint?

Does your current packaging method positively or negatively influences the carbon footprint of your beer? Learn if optimization is possible by looking at the complete chain of producing, filling, transporting and dispensing different types of packaging.