Duotank CDU – Compact delivery unit

  • The CDU is the perfect logistical/delivery solution for breweries focusing on flexibility, customer care and managing finance and registration.
  • The CDU is designed to be flexible and fits in any truck. It allows the brewery to use its transport vehicle not only to deliver beer, but also for other purposes.
  • The CDU is developed with a system to monitor the number of litres delivered and generate a delivery report. The report states the delivered amount, date and time of the delivery and customer details. With an easy-to-use control unit, the requested data can be generated. The CDU is certified in accordance with the EEA/EU legislation Measurement Instruments Directives (MID).

By combining the CDU with transport tanks, perfectly flexible delivery becomes a reality. The CDU also allows breweries to benefit from the advantages of transporting beer in tanks, without having to make large investments in dedicated delivery trucks. A CDU with transport tanks is a modular solution that is able to adapt to the growth of the brewery.


Connect the cable to tthe 230-volt power source and the hose to the tank, and the CDU will do the rest.

Smart urban on-trade beer delivery: the solution for inner city transport solutions

Increasingly more cities haves some kind of restriction on inner city transport. It can be either a restriction on exhaust emissions or weight restrictions or both: for inner city on-trade beer delivery it can result in quite the challenge. Luckily, there are various new developments that help to cope with todays and tomorrows urban and inner city transport challenges.