In this whitepaper, you’ll learn

Inner city transport limitations

Find out which inner city transport limitations have the largest influence on on-trade beer delivery

Smart urban beer delivery solutions

Explore new ways of smart urban beer delivery that help you cope with todays and tomorrows inner city delivery challenges

Comparing various transport solutions

Learn how well both classic as well as new transport solutions comply with inner city transport limitations

Inner city transport: get ready for the future

Currently, almost every city or major town already have restrictions on exhaust emissions. On top of that, a lot of especially older cities centres have various weight and size limitations or limited access. Quite the challenge for on-trade beer delivery, especially if you take in mind that in the near future, a lot of cities are considering to introduce CO² emission limits as well.

How do you cope with all these transport limitations and adjust your transport solutions accordingly? In this whitepaper, we explain which solutions there are available to deal with inner city transport limitations. Find out how they compare to each other in terms of CO² emission and payload. Curious which options you have when selecting a future-proof smart urban beer delivery solution? Find out now!

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