Our employees have experience with events of 60,000 visitors per day, with beer consumption of 100,000 liters. To supply such large groups of people with sufficient beer, a special product line is available. The Event equipment is available for the storage and distribution of beer at the events area. These products are equipped with a compressor and cooler and can provide fresh beer anywhere on the premises. The event tanks can be connected directly to a tapping installation.

Duotank develops, produces and installs beer tank systems. Since 1985, Duotank has been designing, developing and manufacturing systems that lead to optimal results for beer breweries from all over the world

Applications for event solutions

Big events

Brewery fresh beer in large quantities at an event should be possible with different solutions of Duotank.

Small events

From fair to a local beer tasting, it is important that quality is guaranteed. How to keep the beer at an optimal temperature at all times.

Indoor events

The easy way to supply several taps with beer, the mobile solutions from Duotank make it possible to work with plug-and-play systems in different rooms.

Draught beer systems, which one to choose?

Do you serve draught beer in your venue? Then you get to choose between several systems which all differ in terms of packaging and equipment. Learn which system best suits your situation by looking at a complete comparison in terms of packaging, transport, installation technique and costs.

« Beertank systems are originally developed to ease the distribution of beer from the brewery to the end-user. But the last decades the system proved to have much more advantages »