Big event solutions

Supplying large amounts of brewery fresh beer at an event is a great challenge, a challenge that Duotank is committed to handle. A large event, such as an outdoor festival, requires large volumes of cold beer. In order to provide this, there are various options within Duotank that ensure a constant flow of beer.

At an event it is the most easiest to work with plug-and-play systems. Major advantages of a plug-and-play system:

  • Movability, it depends on the preferred system, but most of the Duotank systems use a 220 volt power connector and carry all the equipment together in one solution.
  • Quick and easy handling, Plug-and-play means little action for maximum results that’s what our systems deliver.
  • Constant guarantee of quality brewery fresh beer, the brewery fresh beer is constantly cooled while transport and storage.

Standard solutions

For the bigger events we are able to deliver a few standard solutions, solutions can be custom made. Our systems are also a perfect solution for brand management and marketing. These event solutions are most common for your event:

Duotank Event tank
The event tank is a mobile tank with an integrated cooling system and air compressor. This way you have a fully equipped plug-and-play mobile beer system that you can use at any place, at any bar on your event. These mobile beer tanks make it possible to have small amounts of beer (10 HL per tank) spread over the event area.

Duotank TDE Container
This 10 feet swap container is based upon the European BDF standard used by many big transport companies. This makes it possible to transport the container with any truck equipped with a BDF system. The support legs make it possible to unload it at any place. The container is equipped with up to 6 tanks of 10 HL and a cooling/air system.

Duotank 20 ft. Reefer container
For the larger events it is possible to have this Reefer container unit with the capacity of 3 x 4000 liter Bag in tank tanks and a compressor for a constant pressure on the beer. This container can be connected to a 380 volts power connection to activate the cooling system. The container can also be used for large volume transport overseas.

Online beer volume management with the Duotank DSO system
With the Duotank DSO system you can online manage the amount of beer and temperature that is still available in the different event tanks spread over the event. You can get email notifications when the beer volume runs low to prevent beer shortage at a specific bar or event. You can also monitor the temperature to ensure the quality of the beer.

Duotank MMU Flowmeter
The MMU flowmeter can be used measure the quantity of beer that flows from the tank to the tap precisely. The meter is OIMD certified, fully mobile and can be connected to any event tank as desired.

Products for the bigger events

Event tank

The event tank is a mobile tank with an integrated cooling system and air compressor. This way you have a fully equipped “plug and play” mobile solution that you can use at any place.

Duotank TDE Container

This Transport, Delivery and Event container makes it possible to easily combine (long distance) delivery and events. At an event the container can be offloaded on support legs.

Duotank 20 ft. Reefer container

For rigid long distance transport or storage of tank beer, Duotank has developed the Reefer container concept. Perfect to use as a large storage for an event.

MMU Flowmeter

To measure the exact beer flow at an event, the flowmeter is an ideal solution. It can measure the liters which are transported in between bars and storage tanks.

DSO system

The Duotank DSO unit is designed as an extremely easy to install and maintain beer level and temperature measuring device. The data is received on a central server and doesn’t need any external power or wifi.

Draught beer systems, which one to choose?

Do you serve draught beer in your venue? Then you get to choose between several systems which all differ in terms of packaging and equipment. Learn which system best suits your situation by looking at a complete comparison in terms of packaging, transport, installation technique and costs.