Duotank System Online

Simple to use, easy to install

The new easy to use central beer measurement solution for logistical operations:

  • Basic technical knowledge needed to install.
  • No actions need to be taken by the operator. The system works automatically
  • There are no wires needed and no external power
  • Volume & temperature is (optional) displayed on the tank as well as collected on a central server.
  • Data is transmitted through the standard cellphone network and already works from GPRS onwards.
  • Software for logistical planning available. Integration with other software possible.
  • Also available for existing tanks as a retrofit version.
  • Maintenance is as easy as it comes. You only need to exchange the unit and give in the new serial number in the online software.
  • No cell phone number needed. Data transmission costs are included in the montly fee.
  • Low cost

The Duotank DSO unit is designed as a plug and play extremely easy to install and maintain beer level measuring device. The data is received on a central server. The DSO does not need external power, WIFI or wiring.

Applications for the Duotank System Online (DSO)

Bar solutions for the bar

The Duotank DSO unit is designed as an extremely easy to install and maintain beer level measuring device. The data is received on a central server and doesn’t need any external power or wifi.

Indoor events

To keep the full management about the beer volumes and temperatures at the indoor event, you can guarentee the constant quality of brewery fresh beer. The DSO system gives you a constant overview.

Big event solutions

The DSO system is ideal to ensure that the beer at the events does not run out. With this system there is a constant management of the beer.

Duotank V-line

Optional the V-line can be upgraded to an online DSO system. In this case you do not only have the display on the tank but the values are also transmitted to a central server.

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