Tanks in the bar

The beautifully finished tanks are a great way to promote your brewery fresh draught beer in a pub or bar. They give your beer and bar their own identity, and an artisanal look. Customers can see the beer in the tank, giving the impression that it has arrived straight from the brewery. It helps customers feel that they are part of the artisanal process, resulting in more beer sales because of a great tank beer experience.

The tanks are available in a number of materials;

  • Copper (old-look or polished),
  • Stainless steel (polished or sandblasted)
  • Black plastic (PU jacket)

In addition we offer the possibility to spraypaint the tank completely according to your own preferences or use the beer brand positioning  on the beer tank which means the exclusivity of your brewery

The Duotank V-line offers a mix of  “brewery like” sight glasses with a modern twist. One of the sight glasses is equipped with a display showing the beer volume and temperature in the tank.

Products for the bar

Beer tanks

Beer tanks are used to store and dispense beer in a bar. The beer goes straight from the brewery into the insulated tanks, because of the 100% airtight bag there is no CO2 needed.


In order to support the beer tanks, Duotank developed a range of frames. Which can support up to three tanks standing and multiple in a hanging frame.

DSO system

The Duotank DSO unit is designed as an extremely easy to install and maintain beer level measuring device. The data is received on a central server and doesn’t need any external power or wifi.

Duotank V-line

The Duotank V-line is an exclusive beer tank with “brewery like” sight glasses & cutting edge technology. Inside the sight glass a display is mounted to show temperature and volume

Serving brewery-fresh beer in any pub

Beer should be drunk as the brewmaster has intended it: brewery-fresh. But how can you serve brewery-fresh beer outside of the brewery?