Duotank Reefer 20 ft. container

For long-distance transport or storage of tank beer, Duotank has developed the reefer container concept. An ISO 20ft container is fitted with three 4000-litre “Bag-In-Tank” beer tanks and a 120-litre compressor to store and pressurize the beer.

Since the reefer container is insulated and cooled and the tanks are fitted with the Bag-In-Tank system, beer can be stored for a longer time at any location. Only a 380-volt power connection is needed. Due to the Bag-In-Tank technology, sanitizing the tanks is very easy (only the liner needs to be exchanged).

Using a truck equipped with a CDU unit and quick-lock system for the reefer container, the tank beer can be distributed easily.

Long-distance transport

Equipped with a standardized cooling unit that can be connected to a power source on a containership or on land. In combination with the long shelf life of tank beer, this concept makes it possible to ship tank beer overseas.

Applications for the Duotank Reefer 20 ft. container

Big event solutions

Our Reefer container is the perfect solution for large quantities of beer storage at an event.

Outside the region

Because a standard 20 ft. reefer container is used, tank beer can be shipped over longer distances by train, ship or a standard container truck

Long distance transport

Because a standard 20 ft. container is used, equipped with the Bag-in-Tank system, up to 120 HL of brewery fresh beer can be stored a long period of time. This makes it possible to ship brewery fresh beer over long distances or even overseas.

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