Duotank Event tank

Supplying enough cold and fresh beer at an event can be difficult. Kegs constantly have to be switched out, requiring a substantial work force, and resulting in a loss of beer. What is even more frustrating is that kegs are vulnerable to temperature changes, which affect the quality of the beer. Duotank event tanks are the solution to all of these problems.

The event tanks of Duotank are fully stand-alone operating units. Because they are fitted with a cooler and compressor, the event tanks can be used at any location as long as power is supplied. This allows the user to have a constant flow of cold and perfectly fresh draft beer throughout the event.

Duotank event tanks are fitted with a strong stainless-steel frame which will protect the tank and the other components against damage. The heavy-duty wheels that are fitted on the frame allow the tank to be moved around easily. For placement on rough surfaces, the frame is designed with special openings to allow forklifts to easily pick up the tank. This means the tank can be moved around and placed at almost any location. Thus, no matter what type of event the user is running, the beer supply will be in optimal condition.

This event tank is a mobile – plug and play – tank with an integrated cooling system and air compressor. This way you have a fully equipped “plug and play” mobile beer system that you can use anywhere, at any bar at your event.

Applications for the Duotank Event tank

(Micro) Breweries

Use the event tank as a temporary storage facility for the brewery fresh beer. The event tank has its own compressor and cooler so that the quality remains constant.


The event tank can be moved to any desired location to provide a bar with fresh beer, because of the Plug-and-Play possibility there is only a 220v connection needed.

Bar solutions for an event

The biggest frustration of a brewery is losing quality of your beer and definitely at an event, what should be the best promotion for your brewery fresh beer.

Big event solutions

This mobile beer tank is allowing you to have smaller amounts, up to 10 HL per event tank, possible at any location.

Indoor events

Serving beer at an indoor event with multiple halls, without having to install a completely new beer installation, Duotank is taking care of this problem with the event tank

Small event solutions

Duotank event solutions can be combined in different ways, depending on the space available and the volume of beer required at the location. It is possible to link different event tank to each other.

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