Tanks at an event

Events can be a real struggle for the beer supply, especially when beers are sold individually. Turnover is lost due to long waiting cues. Duotank offers simple but effective solutions for events. Thanks to a constant supply of beer, waiting cues are shortened. Due to the cooled tanks an optimal beer temperature is constantly guaranteed.

Cold beer at an event
The biggest frustration of a brewery is losing quality of your beer and definitely at an event what should be the best promotion for your brewery fresh beer. Duotank delivers tank beer solutions to provide the best quality for your beer in which situation however. The tanks are constantly cooled, while transporting as well as at the event, to guarantee the best temperature for your beer.

Brand promotion
Due to the size of the installation and the use of brand covers, it is possible to use the tank beer system as promotion for your brand.

Products for the event

Event tank

The event tank is a mobile tank with an integrated cooling system and air compressor. This way you have a fully equipped “plug and play” mobile solution that you can use at any place.

Custom build

In order to manage your brewery brand, we could deliver a custom maid solution. This will exapnd the exposure at for example a fair or an event.

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