Duotank TDE-container

This transport, delivery and event container makes it possible to easily combine (long-distance) delivery and events.

At an event or a distribution centre, the container can be offloaded onto support legs. The container is equipped with 5 or 6 10HL tanks, a cooling unit and a compressor. The container can easily be connected to a 220-volt power connector to keep it cooled and the beer pressurised. No additional equipment needs to be installed. At an event, beer lines can go directly from the container to the tap.

Using a truck equipped with a BDF system and CDU unit (for instance in another BDF container), tank beer can be distributed easily to the bar/venue.

The Standard BDF Swap body of aย 10-foot swap container is based upon the European BDF standard used by many big transport companies. This makes it possible to transport the container with any truck equipped with a BDF system. The support legs make it possible to unload without having to use a forklift.

Applications for the Duotank TDE-container


Stadiums are known for being able to supply large volumes with beer in a short time. The TDE container offers the possibility to have a larger volume of brewery fresh beer as a back-up.

Big event solutions

This Transport, Delivery and Event container makes it possible to easily combine (long distance) delivery and events. At an event the container can be offloaded on support legs.

Outside the region

Once the tranport of brewery fresh beer takes longer, you can’t loose any quality of the beer. This TDE-container keeps the beer at the best possible temperature at all times.

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