Nice to meet you. I’m Ralph Bethlem, new business developer at Duotank. Last May, I visited Craft Brewers Powwow Exhibition. The event in Cape Town was organized by our agency Dematech SA.

The exhibition allows suppliers of the craft beer industry to showcase their products while visitors have the chance to discover the latest trends in the industry. Duotank was invited as a guest speaker to give a presentation about the trends around tank beer and what cheerful influence tank beer has on CO2 emissions.

DeMatech and Duotank also shared a booth, and we advised people how to start with tank beer. Tank beer is an ideal application if you want to create a brewpub. There is currently a shortage of glass as a raw material in Africa, so it is not profitable to bottle your beer.

Duotank develops, produces and installs beer tank systems. Since 1985, Duotank has been designing, developing and manufacturing systems that lead to optimal results for beer breweries from all over the world

Craft Brewers

Craft beer is becoming increasingly popular in Africa. The fruity and tropical IPAs and PALE ALEs are also increasingly popular with women. There is talk of an upward trend in women drinking beer because of craft beer.

African Beer Cup Awards

I also visit The African Beer Cup, the largest beer competition in Africa, and the awards were held simultaneously as the Powwow. There were prizes to be won in 28 different categories. All beers were rated by a handpicked panel of qualified beer judges and industry experts worldwide. Congratulations to Soul Barrel Brewing for winning the award-winning best beer of Africa!

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