Duotank Transport tank

With the transport tanks of Duotank, you have one solution to both transport and store your beer. The tanks are insulated to make sure that your beer stays cool during transport. The tanks have (optional for vertical tank) a cooling coil, so that you can even use them for your local events or as an extra storage tank outside your cold room. Due to the unique Bag-In-Tank concept, it is possible to store your beer for a longer time even if the tank is half full.

You can transport beer from the brewery to the bar in the transport tank. The beer can easily be pushed over with a connection hose and compressed air. If you want to further automate the delivery process, the Standard Delivery Unit (SDU) and Compact Delivery Unit (CDU) are available.

The horizontal transport tank has a full frame around the tank, shielding it from possible transport damage and making it possible to stack the tanks using a standard forklift. Optionally, the tanks can be equipped with heavy-duty transport wheels, making it possible to move the tank without a forklift.

There is also a vertical transport tank available with an integrated frame.

Duotank develops, produces and installs beer tank systems. Since 1985, Duotank has been designing, developing and manufacturing systems that lead to optimal results for beer breweries from all over the world

Applications for the Duotank Transport tank

(Micro) Breweries

To keep the brewery fresh beer as the brewer intended, a transport tank provides the solution for temporary storage in the brewery.


Stadiums have to deal with large crowds in short periods and large volumes of beer are needed. The Transport tank can guarentee there is enough volume of brewery fresh beer.

Small event solutions

The combination between a mobile bar and the transport tank makes it possible to provide the fresh beer at smaller events.

Regional transport

Breweries with smaller amounts of beer transport, can transport there beer easily in a van with these transport solution of Duotank.

Smart urban on-trade beer delivery: the solution for inner city transport solutions

Increasingly more cities haves some kind of restriction on inner city transport. It can be either a restriction on exhaust emissions or weight restrictions or both: for inner city on-trade beer delivery it can result in quite the challenge. Luckily, there are various new developments that help to cope with todays and tomorrows urban and inner city transport challenges.