Regional transport solutions

Duotank offers a variety of solutions for your regional tank beer delivery. From a Compact delivery unit with transport tanks which can be placed on any standard truck to a dedicated tank truck. And if you want to combine tank beer distribution and events you can choose for special containers that can be offloaded. Even for area’s with with weight limitation Duotank offers solutions.

The unique Duotank Bag-In-Tank system is also ideal for transport solutions. Tanks placed in a chilled container or separate insulated tanks make it possible to always guarantee chilled delivery. To pump the beer into the bar you can use a dedicated certified delivery unit on the truck or a mobile delivery unit together with transport tanks that can be placed on any truck.

What can tankbeer mean for your CO2 reduction. Calculate it here with our calculator.

The logistical process becomes a lot easier!

Heavy beer kegs don’t have to be carried around any longer; which allows beer deliveries to be carried out by one person.

The costly process of cleaning and returning the kegs is no longer needed.

Air-tight bags ensure optimal beer quality and only the connections needs to be cleaned.

Differences between distribution

In the scheme  you can see the most important differences between the distribution of tank beer and keg beer. There are a few notable steps;

  • It takes 3 steps to have brewery fresh beer in the bar with the tank beer solution
  • The beer maintains a constant temperature during transport with the transport solutions of Duotank
  • No extra CO2 is added to the beer with the tank beer solution

Regional transport products

Transport tank

Brewery fresh beer at any location at any time, is possible with the transport tanks from Duotank. Good isolation keeps the beer at a desired temperature.

Bag-in-Tank delivery truck

Duotank’s ‘Bag-In-Tank’ beer delivery trucks are the solution for breweries looking for a customized, easy-to-use, cost-effective total solution for delivering lager beer.

Compact Delivery Unit (CDU)

With this delivery unit you can make certified beer deliveries to a bar or restaurant. With the same speed and functionality as with a large tank beer delivery truck. The system is equipped with a MID certified flowmeter and printer.

Lightweight inner-city truck

With the capacity of 3.000 or 5.000 liters of beer and a maximum weight of 7,5 or 12 tons, this lightweight truck is the solution to the reduction of CO2 and protection of the city centers.

TDE container

This Transport, Delivery and Event container makes it possible to easily combine (long distance) delivery and events. You just place the container on a truck combined with a Compact delivery unit

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