Duotank SDU – Small delivery unit

The SDU is developed for breweries that want to deliver tank beer in a delivery van or small truck, but still want to have the same ease of delivery as they have with a big delivery truck. In this way it is possible to deliver beer even in the smallest streets.

The SDU is designed in such a way that a transport tank can be placed on top of the unit to save space in the truck.

It is even possible to fit a 500-litre tank directly on the SDU so that it fits in a VW transporter.

The SDU is equipped with an electric-operated 40-metre beer hose, 4-inch operating screen, air compressor and electric cable reel. A beer flow meter makes it possible to measure how much beer is delivered. It is also possible to print a ticket.

Inner-city delivery

The SDU makes it possible to deliver tank beer to inner-city locations that are inaccessible to trucks. Moreover, Duotank has also developed lightweight beer delivery concepts for inner-city use.

Smart urban on-trade beer delivery: the solution for inner city transport solutions

Increasingly more cities haves some kind of restriction on inner city transport. It can be either a restriction on exhaust emissions or weight restrictions or both: for inner city on-trade beer delivery it can result in quite the challenge. Luckily, there are various new developments that help to cope with todays and tomorrows urban and inner city transport challenges.