Low volume tank beer transport

If you start with tank beer, or only have a few outlets to which you want to transport tank beer, Duotank offers several low volume transport solutions. Most of these solutions are based upon standard event and/or transport tanks which you can use for transport and/or events and/or storage.

The unique Duotank Bag-In-Tank system allows different functionalities to be combined. A chilled/insulated tank can also serve as a basis for further transport, because in combination with a Duotank transport frame, you can use your storage tank as a portable tank. If desired, you can even connect your beer tap straight to this tank, allowing you to serve beer directly. The tank cooling system can easily be connected to your pub or bar’s existing cooling circuit. Or you can choose to use an event tank, which already has an incorporated cooler and compressor.

At the bar or restaurant you can push over the beer from the transport tank. You only need a hose to do so.

The logistical process becomes a lot easier!

Heavy beer kegs don’t have to be carried around any longer; which allows beer deliveries to be carried out by one person.

The costly process of cleaning and returning the kegs is no longer needed.

Air-tight bags ensure optimal beer quality and only the connections needs to be cleaned.

MMU, the mobile Flowmeter

If you want to be able to measure the quantity of beer that you deliver exactly for beer taxes or excise duty you can use the OIMD certified MMU flowmeter. The MMU is fully mobile and can easily be placed in and out of a van. The meter displays the exact volume, or optionally you can print or send a delivery note.

Small delivery unit

The SDU is developed for breweries that want to deliver tank beer in a delivery van or small truck and want to have the same ease of delivery as they have with a big delivery truck. In this way it is possible to deliver beer even in the narrowest city centres.

The SDU is designed in such a way that a transport tank can be placed on top of the unit to save space in the truck. It is even possible to have a SDU in combination with a 500 liter tank in a small van (like a Volkswagen transporter)

Low volume transport products

Transport tank

Brewery fresh beer at any location at any time, is possible with the transport tanks from Duotank. Good isolation keeps the beer at a desired temperature.

Event tank

The event tank is a mobile tank with an integrated cooling system and air compressor. This way you have a fully equipped “plug and play” mobile solution that you can use at any place.


To simply register the amount of beer delivered to a bar, the flowmeter is an ideal solution. It is OIML certified and can measure the liters which are transported between the bar and transport tank. And if desired, make a ticket.

Small Delivery Unit (SDU)

Deliver tank beer with the same ease as with a dedicated tank beer truck. This compact unit is build in such a way that a transport tank can be placed on top to fit even the smallest truck or van

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