Carbon footprint of breweries

There are many benefits of the Bag In-tank system

  • It is a true Eyecatcher;
  • you can use it to serve Brewery fresh beer anywhere;
  • you can save up to 70% on transport costs;
  • a very low carbon footprint.

Over the years, the importance of environmentally friendly products has grown significantly. It increasingly determines the way consumers buy and companies produce their products. Because of that, more and more breweries are focused on lowering the carbon footprint of their beer.
The biggest influence on the Carbon footprint of packaging is caused by the production of the packaging itself. Not only the fact that materials can be recycled is very important, but also the material itself makes a huge difference. Besides the packaging, beer also uses carbon dioxide to fill or dispense is a big factor in your Carbon footprint.


Different ways of beer packaging

Using reusable bottles will reduce your carbon footprint per HL of beer by around 6 KG. This is mainly because of the quantity of glass needed to bottle your beer and CO2 to fill. Although you re-use your bottles many times over, you still have 6 times bigger carbon footprint than with tankbeer.

Canโ€™s are even worse, to make canโ€™s, even from 100% recycled aluminum costs a lot of energy. Can’s have 24 times bigger carbon footprint than tankbeer.

One way kegs also have a carbon footprint that is 19 times bigger than tank beer. Mainly because of the amount of material needed.

50-liter Stainless steel kegs are environmentally the closest to tank beer. But besides the fact that you will need to clean each keg before reusing it, you will also need a lot of carbon dioxide to push your beer out of the keg. So it will still take twice the amount of co2 to transport and dispense your beer.

And this is even without further optimizing the tank beer solution. The Duotank tankbeer inliners are fully recyclable, with the Duotank recycling program you can even lower your carbon footprint of your inliner by another 45%!

As you can see, there are many reasons why tankbeer is your ideal next step to improve or expand your operation!