Heineken lightweight inner-city delivery truck

Heineken will supply the beer at cafes lighter, quieter and cleaner!
To provide this, a lightweight minitrailer was built for Utrecht city center.

Since 2018, heavy trucks may not be used to supply bars in the city center of Utrecht. To protect the historic bridges and quays in the city center the municipality introduced a maximum weight of 2 tons per axle for authorized vehicles. As a result, Heineken supplied the Utrecht bars with hoses of almost 200 meters from the edge of the city center.

So it’s time for innovation. The more compact tank beer trailers are the cleanest EURO 6 trailers, reducing CO2 emissions. Heineken would prefer to work with electric vehicles, but to ensure this has not yet been possible: “Unfortunately, they cannot yet make the move to electric trucks because there are currently no compact electric vehicles that can transport this weight.

In that capacity, Duotank has offered a solution to eventually make the bridging to electric driving possible. Duotank went to the drawing board to develop a lightweight trailer that can be used in the inner cities center. With the capacity of 5.000 liters of beer and the maximum axle pressure of 2 ton, this lightweight truck is the solution to the reduction of CO2 and protection of the city centers all over the world.

For more information about this solution, read here!

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