The exclusive Duotank V-line

To make your tanks even more exclusive you can choose for the Duotank V-line.

The Duotank V-line is a mix of  “brewery like” sight glasses with integrated cutting edge technology. One of the sight glasses is equipped with a display showing the beer volume and temperature in the tank. The volume is measured by a patented (pending) sensor that is able to measure the amount of beer without coming into contact with it.

When desired you can also connect the V-line to the DSO platform, to manage your beer volume and temperature only. No extra wires or Wifi is needed for this.

The beer goes straight from the brewery into insulated beer tanks, because of the 100% airtight bag there is no extra CO2 needed. Because of the different beautiful finishes, the tanks are a great way to promote your beer.

Applications for the Duotank V-line

(Micro) Breweries

Beer tanks allow a constant cooling for the brewery fresh beer, making it able to place the tanks everywhere you like even as a temporary storage of the beer in the brewery.

Solutions for a bar

The combination of an insulated tank with an outer shell of your choice will be an addition to any bar interior.

DSO system

Optionally you can also connect the V-line the “DSO” platform. In this way the data is also received on a central server.

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