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Tankbeer, a multipurpose solution for any brewery

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Your tank beer solution for the microbrewery!

Duotank’s system is a complete solution that can be used for the lagering, as a (temporary) storage in a bright beer tank, transport and distribution of your beer. Whether it concerns the transport and/or storage between the brewery and bottling plant, or directly from the brewery to the pub where your beer is served, Duotank has the solution you need. Also to register the amount of beer for tax purposes (excise duty) with a flexible multipurpose solution.

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Your regional transport solution!

The unique Duotank Bag-In-Tank system is also ideal for transport solutions. Tanks placed in a chilled container or separate insulated tanks make it possible to always guarantee chilled delivery. To pump the beer into the bar you can use a dedicated certified delivery unit on the truck or a mobile delivery unit together with transport tanks that can be placed on any truck.

What can tankbeer mean for your CO2 reduction. Calculate it here with our calculator.

Latest trends & technologies about reducing CO2 on inner-city on-trade beer delivery!

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