Duotank Lightweight urban electric delivery truck

Revolutionary step in zero-emission tank-beer delivery!

This truck is completely emission-free and it can deliver 50% more beer per truck to the city centre compared to a conventional diesel truck.

More and more cities in Europe are restricting urban transport in inner cities. Weight, height and emission restrictions are the order of the day. With its latest development, Duotank has found a total solution for this.

Duotank is a producer of tank-beer systems. It not only supplies tanks of 250 to 1000 litres in the hospitality industry, but also provides the transport solutions to get the beer from the brewery to the hospitality establishments.

Duotank development

For several years Duotank has been developing lightweight transport solutions for the delivery of tank beer. The lighter the tank and the pump installation, the more beer the truck can take with it and the lower the CO2 emissions per HL of beer. In view of the weight restrictions in some historic European inner cities, Duotank had already developed a concept to transport 50% more beer with the same truck that is now used for kegs.

When Duotank was asked by Heineken to contribute ideas for the ideal solution for electric city distribution in 2025, the idea was quickly born to combine these two developments. Larger electric trucks have the disadvantage that they are relatively heavy, which means that relatively little beer can be carried. They also have a large wheelbase, which makes them not very manoeuvrable. By fully integrating the fully electric Fuso E-Canter, supplied by Daimler Benz, into the concept, it is now possible to get the best of both worlds.

Duotank’s bag-in-tank beer trucks use the same “bag-in-tank” principle we use in bars to ensure the best quality beer. The “Bag-In-Tank” beer delivery trucks from Duotank can be configured exactly according to your wishes, but they always consist of proven system components.

The Bag-In-Tank system is an environmentally friendly solution for draft beer developed by Duotank. The beer is kept under pressure in the tank with compressed air instead of CO2. Because the beer is in an airtight bag, the compressed air cannot reach the beer. The system works with a fully recyclable bag, so that the tank does not have to be cleaned before each filling with chemical cleaning agents. With this environmentally friendly solution, you save 0.5 kg CO2 per HL of beer that is tapped! (compared to traditional keg beer). And with the system, the quality of the beer is also preserved for longer.

Tank beer has been known in the hospitality industry for many years in the Netherlands, but with the further developments by Duotank, this technique is now also being used successfully in transport.

The fully electric tank beer delivery truck

The result is a 7.5-ton electric truck that can transport 3000 litres of beer in the city centre. This is almost 50% more than an equivalent diesel truck can deliver in stainless steel kegs! This means that Heineken is not only prepared for the weight restrictions imposed by the city of Amsterdam, among others, but also for the emission restrictions of all participants in the Zero Emission City Logistics green deal.

In addition to enabling emission-free delivery in the city centre, Duotank has further reduced CO2 emissions with its environmentally friendly Bag-In-Tank system. As a result, CO2 is no longer needed to keep beer under pressure during transport. In order to be able to do this on an electric truck, the complete energy management of the pumping installation has been redeveloped. Among other things, the newly developed LPHV compressors used to pressurize the tanks consume 20% less energy than conventional compressors. In addition, the truck is equipped with solar panels so that electricity is generated during driving and unloading. Furthermore, the pump compartment is extra compact so that it can be kept cool with less energy. Finally, once the tank is empty, the cool air contained in the tank is reused to cool the pumping area.

In addition to the truck itself, a mobile city hub has also been developed so that empty tanks on the outskirts of the city can be quickly exchanged for full tanks, in order to use the electric truck as optimally as possible. These city hubs are supplied by 30 HL exchange tanks filled at the brewery or by lightweight 200 HL trucks, which emit approximately 18% less CO2 per litre of transported beer.


With this new lightweight electric truck, combined with the mobile city hub, Heineken is reducing CO2 emissions by 38%-46% over the entire supply chain from the brewery to the hospitality establishment.

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Applications for the Duotank Lightweight urban electric delivery truck

Regional transport

The Bag-in-Tank delivery truck makes it possible to deliver your brewery fresh beer at multiple locations. The truck can be put together according to your own wishes, so that it is suitable for any occasion.

Outside the region

According to your wishes, the beer delivery truck is available with (several) tanks of 1000, 2500 or 4000 litres. Which makes it a great solution to transport large amounts of beer outside the region.

Inner-city delivery

The lightweight truck is specially developed for transport of beer in a 7,5 Ton or 12 Ton area, or a combination of these.

Smart urban on-trade beer delivery: the solution for inner city transport solutions

Increasingly more cities haves some kind of restriction on inner city transport. It can be either a restriction on exhaust emissions or weight restrictions or both: for inner city on-trade beer delivery it can result in quite the challenge. Luckily, there are various new developments that help to cope with todays and tomorrows urban and inner city transport challenges.